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Plantex is one of the few manufacturers of
Spice Oleoresin Blends in India.

Our blends are made from hundred percent natural and the highest quality spice extracts. Indulge in our tried and tested flavours or work with us to customise and create new flavours for your brand. Our focus is on R&D which enables us to create blends that enhance and consistently maintain the flavour profile and aroma of your product. Our product portfolio ranges from blends for Sauces, Pickles, Namkeen, Dry snacks to Masalas and Seasoning.

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We at Plantex started dealing in essential oils and oleoresins in the year 2003. Currently we are in the business of developing flavours and manufacturing of spice and oleoresin blends for the food processing industry.




Indians love pickle for its sweet, spicy and savoury taste notes. Our amazing pickle blends will take you back to your childhood vacation with your grandma making fresh pickle in huge ceramic jars on the terrace.



Different sauces, chutneys and dips are the perfect condiment to various snacks and dishes. Our different spice blends help you develop new flavours for this fast growing category.


Spice Masala

Add the desired flavour punch to your masalas or create new masala flavours using our wide variety of spice blends.


Namkeen / Dry Snacks

Nobody loves those nankeens more than us Indians, our traditional and flavoured namkeen blends are bound to excite your taste buds.

Our spice blends enhance and add uniqueness to snacks like chips, rings, fryums, popcorn, extruded products, kurkure, nuts and wafers.



With our wide range of blends for seasoning, be prepared to get your taste sensations tickled.

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